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CEMS-Global USA’s International `Textile Series of Exhibitions’ is a renowned series being held in Bangladesh, Brazil, Morocco, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The `Textech series of Exhibition’ which is a part of the Textile Series has reached its accession in popularity around the world with the series exhibitions being organized by CEMS-Global across 4 continents of the world with the Moroccan edition focusing on the entire Africa. 

With the undeniable success of the previous Morocco edition organized by CEMS-Global USA in 2019, after the Pandemic, CEMS-Global is delighted to relaunch this prestigious Event in Morocco again in 2024 as the 2nd Textech Morocco 2024 International Expo, from 7 - 9 November 2024 at Foire Internationale de Casablanca Expo Center, Casablanca – Morocco.

The 2nd Textech Morocco 2024 International Expo is a crucial event for the global and Moroccan textile and apparel industry. It serves as a hub for innovation, knowledge exchange, and business development, promoting the adoption of advanced technologies and sustainable practices. By connecting global machinery manufacturers with local industry players, the expo plays a significant role in driving the growth and modernization of Morocco’s textile sector. 

The expo offers unparalleled networking opportunities, bringing together key stakeholders from across the Moroccan textile and apparel industry. It serves as a hub for business interactions, where Moroccan manufacturers can connect with international machinery manufacturers, suppliers, and potential clients. These interactions pave the way for new partnerships and collaborations, fostering a collaborative environment that is essential for industry growth and innovation. 

The 2nd Textech Morocco 2024 Expo is not just an event but a strategic initiative to empower the local textile and apparel industry. By providing access to advanced technologies and fostering an environment of collaboration and learning, the expo helps local manufacturers improve their operations, reduce costs, and innovate. This, in turn, contributes to the broader goal of economic diversification in Morocco, creating new economic opportunities and reducing reliance on traditional industries.

Morocco is recognized today as a major player in fast fashion with regard to its longstanding and established experience with the biggest vertical fast fashion brands and retailers in the world. One of its major competitive advantages lies in its proximity to Europe, and therefore its ability to react immediately to new trends to be delivered within a short time.

2nd Textech Morocco International Expo 2024
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