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CEMS-Global USA’s International `Textile Series of Exhibitions’ is a renowned series being held in Bangladesh, Brazil, Morocco, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The `Yarn & Fabric series of Exhibition’ which is a part of the Textile Series has reached its accession in popularity around the world with the series exhibitions being organized by CEMS-Global across 4 continents of the world with the Brazilian edition focusing on the entire Latin America and the Moroccan edition on entire Africa.

The 2nd Morocco International Yarn & Fabric Sourcing Show 2024 will be a one-stop marketplace of Morocco for textile business as well as presenting the latest yarns, fabrics, trends, new technological advancements, and developments in the trims and accessories segment. Over 500 exhibitors from around the world will present their up-to-date yarn, fabrics, trims, and accessories; which are ready to use for garments, accessories, industrial use, and other various applications. The Show will be fully equipped with a range of textile products enhanced with the latest technology and will set a new definition of smart fabrics to satisfy the growing demand of buyers.

2nd Morocco International Yarn & Fabric Sourcing Show 2024
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